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Q: What's the difference between a Sales & Marketing consultant vs a web design company?

We know how to bring in REVENUE.

The kind of your largest competitor want to buy you out....

Q: What's the difference between a Sales & Marketing consultant vs a social media manager?

We set and crush business objectives:

More leads, higher conversion, bigger volume, and increased profit.

Q: Is a Sales & Marketing Consultant worth it?

If you sell your services or products for money, then you are already doing Sales & Marketing.

Now, let me ask you this - are you selling enough?

Case Study: Engineering & Design Build

Built 20 years ago, the business was able to reach multiple 7 figure in revenue without sales & marketing - company was a pioneer and market leader in their industry. But the last 5 years, revenue was decreasing year after year. Company was negative in profit - meaning the owners were losing money, and giving up their personal assets to keep the company alive.

Marketing: We analyze what the company is best at doing, and how they became successful in the first place even without marketing. And we started laser-focus on growing their strongest & most profitable line of business. Now we have a system in place when leads are dried up, we turn on the marketing facet and leads start pouring in until we have 6 months booked in advance.

Sales: There's no better way to say it, we just did the work. We picked up the phone to get customers and close deals. Then we trained their sales staff to do the same.

Expansion: We turned a dying company around. And for first time in years, the owners finally have hopes again to grow their business.

Stop Wasting Money

On non-performing PPC ads, social media managers, web designers, and advertising agencie.

We Find What Works For You

And We Crush It.

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Frequently asked

Do you design websites?

Of course we do! We build websites and Shopify stores that focus on lead generation and making sales, with a full on marketing, abandon carts, and remarketing system.

Do you manage social media ads & Google advertising?

Of course we do! Not only do we manage and optimize your ads, we deepdive into your traffic & heatmap analytics to increases sales conversion.

So... you do social media management too?

Yes we do. We take a step further: we ensure your social media engages the right audience by going back to your marketing plan and objectives. Plus we have secret tools that turn your social media accounts into a selling machine.

What about SEO, SERP, GMB and all those Google acronyms?

We do all those and we ensure all the leads we generate go into a well functioning marketing system.

Do you do business development and sales for us?

We do pick up the phone and help you do business development and make sales calls for your business. Then we document the process, the winning scripts, and hire sales development reps in your business.

On top of that, we help you build a customer database with CRM and a follow up system to ensure no sales left unsold.

I'm just starting out or my business has gone down and I don't have much to pay you, can you still work with me?

We take on start-ups, solopreneurs, and bankruptcy-pending companies in a budget-friendly fee and performance based payments.

As long as you have a solid business idea, we will be happy to explore an arrangement.

Want to build a business that you've always dreamed of?

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