Spent $$$$ on websites & ads with no results?

Grow Faster with an

Engineering Way to Marketing

Hey I'm Valor. I offer growth solutions to small and local businesses, service-based companies & eCommerce looking to 10X their growth by testing faster, cheaper and smarter.

Stop wasting money

on  websites and ads

Don't spend another dollar in ads or marketing until you learn the engineered way to marketing. What you're about to find out goes against any marketing agencies' bottom line.

"There's gotta be another way"


More is not better, more is expensive. Learn how to purposefully attract leads and convert them into customers. 

High Impact Assets

We build, test, tweak and perfect one marketing asset. Then we move onto building another: creating multiple stream of revenue.

Ai & Automation

I work 40 hours and my robots work the other 923 hours, in a week. I'll show you how for your specific use-case.

Everyone tells you to get a website...

But they don't tell you most of the website is wasted if you don't have visitors.

I'll show you only the necessary components to generate leads and make sales. No fluff, just the good stuff.

Pink promise.

And even when you do have visitors, most websites have less than 1% conversion. How is this suppose to justify the ROI when you have just spent $1000's?

I'm allergic to spending BIG money without knowing the ROI I'll get, so should you, too. Start with the essential, test, tweak, convert, then scale - like how babies starts with crawl, stand, walk, run then jump!

Building a full blown website is like start running and jumping before learning to walk.

What if I tell you that you don't need a massive, full blown website

And that there is a more effective way to meet the goal

You always dream of?

Our local service contractor was...

Generating 590% more contracts

Our local service contractor was stuck at multiple 6-figures revenue for years.

We multiplied their sales revenue in a year.

Now we can control their sales by turning off and on their marketing systems when needed.

Creating Predictable

Growth in 2022

Grow Faster Today


Get potential buyers through inbound and outbound channels. Identify low hanging fruits and bring them into your marketing pipeline. 


Capture potential customers, build trust and win purchase orders.


Engineer and data driven approach to identify bottle necks and increase marketing performance.

More Leads

Higher Conversion

Streamline Systems

ROI Optimization


Health Supplement Startup

300% Pricing increase - 6 months

Local Service Based Contractor

590% Contracts won - 24 months

Real Estate Developer

1000+ Leads - 3 months

Local Equipment Rental Company

+100% Sales - 24 months

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